Who We Are

We’ve combined our vast experience as coaches of leadership, culture, and mindset to guide competitive leaders in attaining connected, meaningful growth through their teams.

Our genuine, constructive inspiration has helped strengthen organizations of all sizes, from high school athletes to professional sports teams, and from farmers to Fortune 500 companies. At Jadin Jones, we empower competitive leaders and teams across the country to reach new heights together with our motivational training.


Why We Coach

In our professional and personal journeys, we’ve seen the highs, lows, and plateaus in individual and group efforts. From coaching athletes to leading teams to championships, and helping business leaders achieve greatness to fostering strong, unbreakable team cultures, our motivation is simple: to unlock the potential for success in every individual and team.

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The Twin Thieves

In 2021, we co-authored the best-selling book “The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams”. We published this story to inspire business professionals, athletes, coaches, educators, or virtually anyone looking to guide a group to rise above the Twin Thieves—the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Judgement—and maximize their potential.

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