How Great Leaders Build Great Teams

A Playbook for high-Performing Teams.

As part of establishing the groundwork for Jadin Jones and crystallizing their philosophies on leadership, culture, and mindset, Steve and Lucas co-authored the book “The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams”.

Published in 2021, “The Twin Thieves” has since become a best seller and inspires business professionals, athletes, coaches, educators, and other leaders to rise above the Twin Thieves: the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Judgement.


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A Powerful Story

Inspired by real events, the book tells the story of the Westlake Aviators football team. Their biggest challenge isn’t defeating opponents but rising above the Twin Thieves. It’s a compelling journey of adversity, celebration, and heartbreak, where the Aviators discover that great teams are built by great leaders.

We recommend the book for any individual or team looking to maximize their potential.

And so do these readers:

“This is a must read for anyone who struggles with low self esteem and confidence. To me this book was eye opening towards how majority of my decisions were influenced by the fear of man. I highly recommend it.”

— Aishwarya

“If you’re looking for a book to bring your coaching and leadership to the next level, or to gift those coaches in your life, look no further than The Twin Thieves!”

— S. R. Bowers

“The Twin Thieves by Steve Jones and Lucas Jadin is one of those great books that should be read multiple times. The wisdom contained in this book is invaluable and timeless.”

— Wildcat

“This book is filled with leadership principles, culture building techniques, and ways to build relationships all told in story form, making it a great read and a great learning tool.”

— Dave Rust

“It’s a great book on teamwork. I loved the storytelling and brought many ideas into my head. If you run a team, a company, or you want a fulfilled life, you need to read this book.”

— Simon